Margaret, Jennifer and Jessica

Earthenware Ceramic, Oxidation, White clay and glazes
20Hx30Wx30D cm

Meander Sculpture Exhibition 2018, Victorian Craft Award Exhibition 2017, Melbourne

'Margaret, Jennifer and Jessica' is a group of three sculptural ceramic vases. Inspired by a dream, each vessel represents a woman from a different era – 'Margaret' from the 1930s, 'Jennifer' from the 1960s and 'Jessica'from the 1990s. The vases depict the women's differences as well as similarities being thirty years apart in age. I glazed them all in the same style, but each represents the distinct movements of the women's bodies during their conversation – Margaret stands more upright and still for instance, while Jessica moves with more fluidity. In the dream, although the women are from different generations, they understand each other well.