I Am You


Raw clay, Paper and Acrylic paint

We all have different mindsets, but if we pay more attention we see we are all so similar.

Soft Transformation


Raw clay, Paper, Acrylic paint, cobra cane

Doesn't matter if things change quickly or slowly, we get used to things

Phase of Something in Between


Clay, Paper, Cardboard, acrylic paint, PVC glue

“Phase of something in between” was a temporary installation displayed for 5 hours.

Two Forms of 'Line'


Earthenware ceramics, Black sand

In “Two forms of 'line' I focused on formal aspects of two lines interacting with each other.

Circle and Red Balls in Blue


Earthenware Ceramic, clay,tooth floss

“Circle and Red balls in Blue” was the start of an experiment on formal aspects of an installation.

East, West and I


Earthenware Ceramic, wool, Paper bark and wire

A fragile ceramic object, hanging from delicate paper bark thread and a falling apart carpet, aims to support if the object falls.

Silver Room


Aluminum Foil, Ceramic, Perspex

You could have walked into this room if you were There. Silver room was an interactive installation that only excited for a day.



Wood, Iron sheet, paint,wire, Earthenware Ceramic

“Trees” was a response to cutting old trees in Valiasr streets in Tehran.